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About Our Company


Ingtrust was born from an experience of more than 15 years in the area of accounting, taxation and consulting to companies, determining the height of its potential know-how by creating this company to bring added value to companies and entrepreneurs.

Our current client portfolio is distributed across the most diverse sectors of activity, such as commerce, services, civil construction, real estate, footwear, IT, etc., essentially motivated by our quality and customer satisfaction.

About Our Company


Our mission is to be an accounting advisor, providing an excellent service, with clear benefits in terms of costs, profitability and time, which is only possible through the concentration of services that results in a perfect connection of synergies.

About Our Company


To occupy an outstanding and defined position in the market of accounting and tax services in Portugal, assuming a commitment of dedication, personalization, closeness and care in details, avoiding the unsustained growth of undifferentiated mass service and the generalization of solutions.

About Our Company


Our Mission



The birthday is a special day. That's why Ingtrust offers the day to its contributors.


Christmas is the Christmas season of peace, love and harmony and entirely dedicated to the family. That's why Ingtrust offers both days to its employees.

New Year

The New Year is a time of change and reflection. That's why Ingtrust offers both days to its collaborators.